You Fly the Helicopter! Tour

You Fly the Helicopter! Tour

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Do you have what it takes to fly a helicopter?

In this package, you will:

  • Become qualified to control a Robinson R44 helicopter with an instructor.
  • Learn about helicopters for 30 minutes with a certified instructor.
  • Fly a helicopter for 30 minutes with a certified instructor!
  • Take photos with the helicopter to bring home.
  • Optionally bring two friends to ride along (add-on at purchase).
  • Be able to say you flew a helicopter!

The first 30 minutes will cover awareness training. You will learn about the flight controls, aerodynamics, and hazards from our FAA certified flight instructor. You will be endorsed to take the controls of a Robinson R44 helicopter.

Then you will head out to the helicopter. Our instructor will preflight the condition of the helicopter (as always). They will walk you through the steps of a real startup and transition into cruise flight. You will work your way onto the controls, one at a time. As you feel comfortable, the instructor will let you take more controls, until you're flying all controls of the helicopter! At the end of the flight, then instructor will land and walk you through a shutdown.

There will be dual controls installed and our instructor will always follow along. At any point you can choose to let the instructor take the controls for the rest of the flight and just enjoy the view. Most customers reach flying with all controls, although our instructor will act as pilot in command and judge how far to let you progress.

We receive lots of questions about this flight. Our experienced instructor has helped many new students graduate and earn their helicopter certificate (license). Please email with any questions.

Photo id and credit card required upon arrival.

Please see our FAQs for important information and restrictions.