Celebrate New Year's Eve in Style with Columbus Helicopters!

Celebrate New Year's Eve in Style with Columbus Helicopters!

Are you ready to celebrate the arrival of 2023 in style? Take a helicopter tour of Columbus, Ohio and experience the city from a whole new angle.

Helicopter tours of Columbus offer stunning aerial views that you won't find anywhere else. You'll get to witness all of the city's great landmarks, monuments and attractions from an entirely different perspective. Plus, your experience will be totally unique – no two experiences are ever alike!

But it isn’t just about taking in fantastic sights from the air. You can learn a lot too! Your knowledgeable pilot can give you interesting facts about each location as you fly above them. You’ll learn more about the history and culture of Columbus than you ever thought possible.

Your tour comes equipped with all the necessary safety features, plus a very comfortable heated cabin. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the ride! So why not make the arrival of 2023 unforgettable by taking in all that Columbus has to offer - book your helicopter tour today!

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